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At Dog House we understand that pets are family. Our mission has been, and always will be to:

Provide services and products that will enhance and enrich the health and well being of every client we serve.

Unlike all other grooming facilities, Dog House will have your pet in and out quickly, most are groomed within an hour. We created this process to eliminate the anxiety your pet feels while sitting in a kennel for hours waiting to be groomed. This alone will create a more positive and stress free grooming experience. Our professional team of stylists have extensive experience and are highly trained to provide a gentle and positive experience for your pet.

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Your pets health begins with nutrition! Dog House has carefully researched every food brand that we sell in our store to ensure it is safe and of the highest quality available for your pet. What to put in your pets bowl is the most critical decision you will make for your pets health.

Our team of nutrition experts have the knowledge, training and expertise to guide and support you in choosing the best food for your pets’ individual needs.

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